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The Puerto Rican singer and rapper were born on March 10th in 1994. His original name is Benito Antonio Martinez who is popularly called Bad Bunny. Some interesting facts of the singer/rapper are mentioned in this article. Check them out!

If you haven’t heard of him, then you’re living under the rock because Bad Bunny is one of the top stars in the world currently. This 26-year-old artist started releasing his music and albums in 2016, and he’s won hearts ever since.

Benito Antonio Martinez named himself Bad Bunny after he was forced to wear a bunny costume to school, in his childhood. He was photographed looking very upset and angry and hence the bad in the name.

Benny grew up in Vega Baja and San Juan in his early days and was raised alongside his two younger brothers.

Before he gained fame, Bad Bunny bagged groceries in a supermarket. After which his luck turned tables, and he emerged as an artist (singer/rapper) in 2016.

Bad Benny receives nearly six million Spotify listeners on a monthly basis and over a billion views for all his music videos on Youtube. He managed to achieve this number in a year.

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Benny won the Latin Grammy awards in the category of the Best Urban Music Album for his album X 100PRE, in 2019.

Before dating Gabriela Berlingeri in 2017, Benny was in a committed relationship with Carliz de la Cruz for five years.

He grew his fame after the release of his song ‘Diles’ on Sound cloud. DJ Julian signed him for the album ‘Hear This Music’. Post which, Benny stated taking over the Latin Trap and produced so many international hits like ‘Soy Peor’ and ‘Mayores‘ featuring famous artists like Becky G. During the course of his career, Benny has also worked with renowned artists like Nicky Minaj, Daddy Yankee and Maluma.

Bad Benny also gained immense popularity all over the world after the releases of his album X 100PRE, which is an abbreviation for “Por Sisemore” in Spanish. This album was released in 2018, which includes songs like MIA (feat Drake) and ‘Caro’.

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More than his Latin land, Benny is famous in his English speaking world, as he has collaborated with some of the most popular stars in the industry like Cardi B and J Balvin. He was the part of a smash hit ‘I Like It’ released in 2018. The song reached over one billion listens on Spotify and has sold over 8,000,000 copies in the US alone.

The sexuality of the singer is a topic of talk from the time he reached his ‘Caro’ music in 2018, featuring a man kissing him. He hasn’t opened up about his sexuality and keeps it a secret from his fans.

He’s a trans ally which gained proof when he wore a skirt and a shirt to his recent concert in February 2020, showcasing his support for the murder of the transgender woman of Puerto Rica Alexa Negron Luciano.

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